A former Product Designer with a Master’s Degree in urban planning and an infinite passion for writing sci-fi/fantasy novels. As a child—identical to many—I was suppressed by the conventional education system, which frustrated me to the core. Whilst my love for art was growing more and more. So eventually, I chose to enter the battle that many have failed before. The battle of leaving the rat-race and dedicating my life to do what I love the most. But of course, it has not been easy, not one bit. With never-ending financial boundaries and a nationality that’s been haunting me for as long as I remember. Although due to my stubborn personality—one of the most stubborn you’ll ever meet—I never gave in, even when it all seemed to be falling apart before me. I never stopped envisioning and creating, with only one objective: to touch the pineal gland of every reader who browses through my imagination.

      I am a man of science, and also spirituality, with unconditional love for Mother Nature. So my style of storytelling is a blend of expressing deep cosmic feelings and scientific elucidations. I’m neither a poet nor a native writer, but I’ve spent uncountable hours practising to construct unique, yet pleasing sentences. However, writing is not the extent of my creativity, which merely blossomed through my financial difficulties. For I learnt that almost all must be done by myself, such as creating the covers, the layouts, the drawings, and even editing the scripts. And yet, I’ve always tried to deliver quality. Though I must also admit, I still have a long way to become the writer I dream of being.