Those Who Came From The Heavens

Red Planet


Vendanirian stone-whisperer has dedicated her life to solve the mystery behind the seven ancient crystal skulls discovered in different parts of planet Vendaniria. In the process, she learns the history of six advanced species from an unknown dimension, before her mind travels in time and space. To witness a series of events―the same consequences that had led to the disappearance of life in an ill-fated universe. The home of those races she studied but destroyed by an invisible force named Drecon. A very powerful and dark energy that targets the light of every living.

        Drecon is a compelling frequency that defeats its preys by attacking the link between their consciousness and intelligence, disrupting their interconnections with their own selves, and ultimately, taking full control of their actions. And it does so, to guide them into self-destruction and total disconnection from the Mother Multiverse, for it only wants to feed on their lights until the end of eternity and never let them return. It is an unstoppable force that grows stronger with every altered reality and has never been fully defeated.

        However, Roua the stone-whisperer is one of the first Vendanirians who’s warned about the existence of this wicked―by a few high-vibrating-entities―and the fact that it has come from a distant universe to surround her world, once again, in another lifetime. Thus she strives to travel in between the dimensions/densities, to find a way of eliminating this resilient frequency; hoping to bring life back into a world that she only sees in her lucid dreams. And all the while, she attempts to awaken her own people, though without knowing even the basics.