There has never been a time as devastating as now, for us and for our planet, with her air and her oceans more polluted than ever, her forests declining at a rocket rate, and her animals going extinct for various reasons—mostly impulsive. This—as we all know—will lead to a damaged ecosystem that may never recover for the survival of our civilisation.

     Thus our Mother Earth needs nothing more than our change. In fact, we need a lightening of enlightenment to higher our vibrations. A wave of information that will inspire the masses in the form of entertainment; for we’re the cause of this disaster in the first place. And by that, I don’t mean plotting a rebellion against the system. No! I only mean we need to implant the concepts of change in the commercial world. To bring every single person on this sacred biosphere to a comparable level of understanding technology and spirituality. Then together, we can learn how to adapt our lives to our upcoming situations, with intelligence and unity.

     Although, thanks to many great minds, there have already been numerous changes to fight our unresolved issues; to restore a tad of hope in the heart of people. But it’s still far from sufficient, for there are many who´re uninformed or simply ignorant to what is real. And therefore, a series of novels have been written and will be written—with the highest hopes. The hopes of becoming a hyper-epic series that the world can enjoy and be inspired by. And it will be, in the years to come, accompanied by a series of graphic novels, comics, and of course, an online game, which harmonically, will play their part in linking everyone´s consciousness to the Multiverse. For becoming one with her is the only way of rescuing our fading future.